About Us

Virginia's Leading Coin and Gun Auction House

Auctions by Wallace is a full service Auction Company established in 2009. We hold auctions in-house, on-site, and online featuring Guns, Coins, Vehicles, Estate Sales, and Business Inventory Liquidation. We hold different styles of auctions. We feel that for us to continue to be successful that we need to work with sellers to provide auctions that meet the unique needs of individuals, families, dealers, and businesses. Our auction house is over 7,200 square feet with plenty of parking. 

Guns – We have taken the extra time and step to obtain a Federal Firearms License. We took this step to provide more services for both our consignors and bidders. Our Firearm Consignors do not want their guns sold to individuals who are not legally able to purchase firearms. By selling your firearms through an FFL that is also an auction house you get the best of two worlds. A fair price if not Top Dollar for your firearm and the peace of mind that your firearm was sold in a manner that is legal. Bidders have the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of weapons at one time. We work with two gun experts. One is versed in modern weaponry and the second expert specializes in antique firearms. We have now expanded our sales of firearms to transferring guns for individuals who purchase guns and need a Dealer with competitive transfer rates and also offer retail sales of ammunition.

Coins – We have a proven track record when it comes to selling coins. Most coins are sold both live and online. This process coupled with expert photography brings results for both our consignors and bidders. Consignors receive a fair if not Top dollar for their coins. Bidders can bid with confidence as we guarantee our coins to be authentic and as described. 

Estate Sales – We work with full estates.   Since we hold auctions on-site, in-house, and online. We can develop a sales strategy that fits your needs and time frame. Auctions by Wallace is equiped and prepared to handle your estate!

Business Liquidation/ Inventory Reduction – We have worked with a myriad of businesses and have held successful auctions to liquidate both assets and inventory.

Tom Wallace – Today Tom oversees the daily operations of the Auction House and is the Primary Auctioneer. Prior to becoming an auctioneer Tom was in the Marines and operated his own business for 9 years in a related industry. Tom is an experienced auctioneer in many types of auctions. He has been known to call for up to 8 hours and longer when needed for large auctions. Tom is licensed in multiple states.

Sheena Wallace has handled business operations in excess of 900 million annually. She enjoyed walking away from the “corporate world” and entering the auction business fully. She is also a licensed auctioneer.

Virginia License #s 2907003831 & 2907003832

Florida License # AU4788